What happens at Innovate Delhi

Application Opens1 April 2016
Application Closes1 May 2016 7th May 2016
Result: 10 Startups8 May 2016 20th May 2016
Batch of 10 Startups move to Delhi23 May 2016
Pitch Day2 July 2016

We shall be sending mailers to 10 shortlisted startups in the 3rd week of may for an interview with evaluation committee consisting of eminent startup founders.

6 weeks to Pitch Day

Stages of Startup

Validation Strategy
Lean Canvas
Problem/Solution Interviews

Week 1

Customer Discovery

  • Product, Market & Customer Risk
  • Identifying Early Users
  • Existing Alternative for users
  • Mapping Customer Journey
Week 2

Prototype 1
Drive Traffic & Measure

Channels to reach users
Success Metrics
Testing Pricing Model

Week 3

Prototype 2
Repeat Conversion

Solicit User Feedback
Hooked Model
Delivery Unique Value

Week 4

Prototype 3

Immediate Challenges
Pivot or not to Pivot

Week 5

Art of Pitching

Problem & Solution
Market Sizing & Why Now
Product & Team
Business Model

Week 6

Pitch Day

Investor Pitch , PR Media
Top Startups funded

Pitch Day

Mentor Hours on following topics during the week

We shall soon update the topics each of the mentors will be mentoring as we get closer to launch of Innovate Delhi on 23 May 2016